Name: Heba Kamel 

Status: President & Chair of FriMUN


Hey everyone, my name is Heba Kamel.

 I study Media Communication and Political Science  at the University of Fribourg and this year I am excited to serve as the President of FriMUN.


My MUN journey started in high school, where I first got introduced to the concept of simulating debates of the UN, however I wasn’t able to engage the way I wanted to as the sessions were held in French and I did not speak French back then.

As a freshman I stumbled upon the FriMUN stand at the Association Day  in 2017 and felt the FriMUN spirit right away, I joined as a delegate and fell in love with the association.

FriMUN has contributed a lot to my character development during University years. It’s a place where I got to grow as a person, acquire a lot of skills and make new friendships from different faculties and backgrounds.


I`m looking forward to the next semester, working and meeting new delegates from around the world.

Name: Linda Mathys

Status: Co-Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Linda and I'm super excited for my 7th semester of FriMUN !


I joined right when I started University, because it was the only club I could find that advertised in English and because the concept really intrigued me. And well, I stayed because I met so many incredible people, got to travel and learned about many incredibly important topics that shape the world we live in today. I always had a lot of opinions but I definitely learned how to properly articulate those.


Last year I had the opportunity to be the PR Manager for FriMUN and I very much enjoyed giving back to the association. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time!

Alex image.jpeg

Name: Alexandra Glarner

Status: PR Manager of FriMUN

Hello, my name is Alexandra Glarner. I am currently studying for my bachelor's degree in law at the University of Fribourg and will be FriMUN's PR-Manager for the coming year.

I was very excited to join FriMUN when I started studying as I had heard a lot about it during high school but didn't have the possibility to join. At FriMUN I got to know many fascinating people from all backgrounds and countries and decided to join this very special student association. 

As the sessions are held in English, FriMUN is attractive for foreign and Swiss student alike, it does not matter if your mother tongue is French, Italian or Swiss German. FriMUN has improved my rhetorical skills and given me confidence to speak in front of a group. Additionally, I gained a better understanding of current political affairs. 

I am looking forward to the coming term, to all the interesting conversations and to meeting new delegates.









Name: Willfried Boundel

Status: Finance Manager of FriMUN

Hey my name is Willfried and I’m a third year law student and I’m honored to serve as the head of finance of Frimun for the year 2019/2020. I started MUN in my first year and I throughly enjoyed every aspect of it so far! MUN is designed for everyone interested in global affairs, regardless of their academic background. Furthermore you will be able to improve your negotiation skills, while making new friends. Hope to see you engaged in our society this year 

Finance Manager .jpeg

Name: Leo Barnard

Status: Vice-President

Hello people of the University of Fribourg, I’m Leo Barnard. I’m currently a Law student in my second year. If you must know, I am the Vice-president of the lovely association that is FriMUN.

My involvement with MUN started with me being forced into it by a peer of mine (peer pressure is real guys!) back in High School. Originally I did it purely for the sake of my CV (the only reason most High School students get involved in any type of extracurricular activity), but after my first committee session… well, I was hooked.


How I ended up in FriMUN you may ask? Well… a known name in the FriMUN world convinced me it was a wonderful idea to join (peer pressure again). And the spark between MUN and I reignited once more.


FriMUN is a wonderful way of meeting people from different backgrounds and faculties, something that isn’t necessarily easy in University. Plus as a native English speaker it’s a cool way of meeting people I can speak English with. It is also allows you to constantly practice public speaking skills and debating skills.


This semester is going to be really dynamic and fun and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.